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Classrooms, Curriculum and Assessments

We have 5 Programs offered here at C Street.  The Curriculum for each classroom is geared towards the developmental needs and skills for the specific age group it serves.


Each week, our Head Teaching Staff plans an engaging lesson based on the developmental progress, needs, and interests of the group.  These lesson plans and their subject matter are supported by their curriculum.  Copies of each week's lessons are given to the parents of the enrollees.


Children are given developmental assessments which screen for developmental progress and growth.  As children age, the assessments will change from developmental assessments to knowledge based assessments.  If we suspect developmental assessments are still needed, we will continue doing them alongside the knowledge based assessments.


Children 0-2 are given developmental assessments every 2-3 months.  These assessments are screening for developmental progress and ability.  They include the following areas:  Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving, Personal Social and Social Emotional.  When children are 3-5 years old, their assessments change and are screening for knowledge and skills taught by their academic curriculum.  They are as follows: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Approaches to Learning and Science, Social/Emotional Development, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Physical Health and Safety, and Technology. 


Please use the drop down menu's for each classroom to find specifics for that program.