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Philosophy of C Street


We believe that through a Christian approach we can meet each child’s needs individually to provide him/her with the opportunity to begin a lifetime of successful learning.

These children are taught fundamental Christian values; love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and the willingness to help one another.  Through these values, we believe children will be equipped with the life skills needed to begin their childhood journey with courage, competence, and self worth.


The staff are committed to be unsurpassed in our early childhood knowledge and practices.  We will continue challenging ourselves as professionals to provide the children in our society with meaningful, healthy, and enriching opportunities in the early childhood setting. 


Through parents and teachers working together to build strong partnerships we can help a child accomplish his/her very best and reach his/her full potential.  We have many activities scheduled throughout the year to promote parent participation. It is through proven research that a child does their most important learning from birth to five year’s old.  We are here to help you with those child rearing endeavors.


Through serving others we learn to love ourselves.  We stay involved in our community by participating in humanitarian projects such as: collecting items for the less fortunate, participating in food drives, recycling used goods, visiting the elderly, and learning how to care for the world we live in.  The outer community offers a variety of opportunities for the children to see and learn outside the classroom environment, and be active participants in those environments.